Chalk Paint Revamp with Tjhoko Paint

Our studio manager and workshop facilitator, Rosie Boylan, recently added some colourful Pop Art to a fairly ordinary piece. The result, an EXTRAordinary chalk paint makeover.

The Before

Rosie had found an old set of shelves for sale online. They had been taken out of a little girl’s room so were painted white with purple flowers. The piece was a straightforward upright shelf with no cupboards and draws.Tjhoko Paint Makeover

Preparing the surface for its makeover was a straightforward process, explains Rosie “Normally with Tjhoko paint you don’t need to prepare the surface, but these shelves needed a bit of ruff sanding with 100grit sandpaper as the old paint was flaking in some areas and there was a bump or two that needed to be neatened up.”

POP Art Inspired!

Finding inspiration for the piece was no challenge for Rosie. Working in the studio she has started to paint again after a long break, you know being a working mom and wife has a busy schedule. Her style is just like her, fun, interesting, unique and bubbling with colour. Inspired by the 50’s Pop Art movement she jumped straight into the piece.

“What is so great about Tjhoko Paint is that if you are not happy with a design, colour or style, you just paint over it. So, although I had a general idea of where I was headed I changed some ideas a couple of times with this piece,” says Rosie. “To suit the theme, I chose as many bold colours as possible. I used Matt Black, Cloud White and Stone Wash as my neutral colours.  Then I used Andi’s Delight (green), Kaylee’s Candy (purple), Early (yellow), Real Red, Nade (turquoise), and Jane’s Jade (blue). I used about 120ml each of the white and black and then about 60 – 100ml of each of the other paints.

Bold lines, contrasting colours as well as some iconic pop art symbols form the basis for the piece. What makes this so great is that some of the art used has special meaning for Rosie, but with the variety of the art, almost anybody could find something that stands out for them or something that they can relate to.

Rosie made use of some stencils as well as some of the Tjhoko applique pieces with the Tree of Life. Otherwise everything was done free hand. Sticking stuff on is easy enough with a sturdy wood glue.

“It simply amazes me that you can paint any surface – metal, plastic, wood, fabric, steel etc and just bring old pieces back to life. I highly recommend Tjhoko paint to anyone!”

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